Homemade Snake Repellents

Raleigh snake

Whether seeing a snake will immediately engulf you with a terrible feeling or you live in a place that is close to the snake's natural habitat, you are probably constantly worrying about a possible snake visit. Once they get into your property, you will understand how tricky and difficult it is to deal with them. Luckily, there are some homemade snake repellents that you can use. Note that there have been no studies that will prove these ingredients' effectiveness in repelling the snake infestation.

Can Mothballs and Ammonia Drive Away the Snakes?
It is not uncommon to hear someone recommending mothballs and ammonia to keep the snakes away. Mothballs may contain naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene as an active compound. According to some, the scent that it emits will irritate the olfactory senses of the snake. However, multiple situations prove that this is simply a hoax. There were reports about a snake coiling around a box of mothballs.

Additionally, the snake has a different sense of smell rather than the average creature. They smell with the help of their tongue, and they will mostly pick up chemical cues. Not only will these compounds be ineffective, but they can also pose a threat to your health. They contain carcinogenic compounds that increase your risk of developing cancer.

Will the Scent of the Predators Be Effective Against Snakes?
There are instances when spraying the urine of a fox can drive away the snake. However, this will only be a temporary solution. Snakes are intelligent creatures, and once the scent disperses and they found out that there are no predator movements in your area, they will still return, especially if it will give them access to an abundant food source. Of course, not all of us will have the urine of a fox in our home. A better option would be a cat's litter. Cats are territorial creatures and excellent snake hunters, especially the juvenile snakes. Spread the cat's litter around the perimeter of your house and on critical areas.

Does Garlic and Onion Help Keep the Snakes Away?
You will find many recipes online on repellents, and one of the most common would be the combination of onion and garlic. Perhaps, this is because of the strong scent that they release that can sometimes be unbearable to us. However, that doesn't mean that it is also uncomfortable to the snakes. Snakes can even swim on sewer pipes, and the smell will not deter them.

The better way to keep the snakes at bay is to solve the root cause of the infestation. If the snakes are frequently returning to your area, there must be a thing that is attracting them. For instance, you may have a family of rodents under your shed. By getting rid of the rodents, it will be less likely for you to attract the snakes. You can also introduce some preventive measures such as a snake fence. Check for any vulnerabilities inside your house. If you've seen any cracks, gaps, or crevices, use the right materials to seal them.

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